TGIF – Post East Coast Travels Edition

Even though I’ve only been back in San Francisco for a few days, it seems like ages since my mini-vacation. I’m headed up to Napa and Sonoma on Saturday and can’t wait to do a tasting of my current favorite wine, Peju’s Provence, a red and white. The day will be full of amazing tastings and food. I still can’t quite believe that all that is an hour north of San Francisco. Here are some of my favorite finds of the week:

This ancient city fell into the sea and was found 1,200 years later by an archeologist. The pictures of bringing massive statues from the sea floor are amazing.

The start of summer means the start of a new season of True Blood! I think I may have seen Alexander Skarsgård when I was in New York.

I used to dress up my parents’ tiny David statue in a paper towel toga. Someone took that idea and made it 100 times better.

This restaurant was my all time favorite from New York – I can still imagine the smell of risotto with truffle oil.

On the lookout for a new duvet cover. Maybe this one?


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