Bay to Breakers

2013-05-19 13.31.07
Alamo Square

If you live in San Francisco, you likely participated in slashed survived Bay to Breakers this weekend. Before I moved here two years ago, I had never heard of the yearly tradition. It started as a running race across the city, from the bay out to the Pacific, but has since morphed into more of a drunken parade. It feels like the entire city is out, walking the streets near Alamo Square and the Panhandle, dressed up and drinking. Groups get together to coordinate costumes, like a pack of sharks, the Jamaican bobsled team or bunches of grapes. My roommate went with a group as the Monstars from Space Jam (see below).

2013-05-19 14.03.00
Orange Monstar from Space Jam aka my roommate
2013-05-19 14.50.00
Lots of red, white and blue costumes
2013-05-19 14.50.15
The view from the Panhandle

I’m less of a costume person – I always feel incredibly uninspired on Halloween. However, I love to walk with friends on the route and join the spontaneous parties on the street. The event feels so uniquely San Francisco, from the casual public drinking to the nudity to the combination of athletic event and costume party. A costume trunk feels like almost an obligatory decoration in any San Francisco apartment. The best part may be coming home around noon (the race starts early), crashing on the couch and napping the afternoon away.

2013-05-19 20.26.38
Nap time!

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